We offer Universal Early Years Entitlement (UEYE), Additional Early Years Entitlement (AEYE) funding and 2 year old funding.

  • Some 2-year-olds are eligible for 15 hours free childcare, for example if you get certain benefits.
  • Universal EYE (UEYE) funding of 15 hours per week, term time only is available to all children the term after their 3rd Birthday.
  • Additional EYE (AEYE) funding of 15 hours per week, is available to children of working parents who meet the criteria set by the government, the term after their 3rd Birthday
    All information regarding funding and what help you can get towards cost can be found online at : https://www.gov.uk/get-childcare


Schedule of fees



[Hourly/Daily] rate(s):                                             £4.50/£25.60

Children aged 2 years   

£4.50 per hour

Children aged 3 years or more

£4.50 per hour

Additional sessions above agreed hours

£4.50 per hour


Pre-school Finance Policy

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