Welcome to Class 3

Hello and welcome to Class 3! My name is Caitlynn Downer and I am Class 3’s teacher. I have been teaching at Milverton for the last year and previously teaching at various schools across Somerset.

In Class 3, we are supported by our lovely Teaching Assistant Miss Davy throughout the week to challenge and extend the children’s learning. The children have the wonderful opportunity of being taught by Mrs Brierley on Wednesday afternoons. We also work closely with the Class 4 team on our quest learning and to ensure that the children have an engaging experience across subjects during the year.

Year 3 is an exciting time as children make the transition into Key Stage 2, where we intend to make their transition as smooth as possible. The curriculum expectations increase significantly in Year 3, but children build upon their developed skills and we ensure children progress at their own individual pace. We continue with the same subjects as in Year 2, but also begin new journeys such as learning French and how to swim.

Class 3 is a place where children can be safe, happy and confident individuals. Our classroom reflects the school ethos by caring for and respecting each other, aspiring to do our best, and working as a team to develop a sense of belonging!

The partnership between home and school is important in supporting children’s progression and learning. We aim to keep an open dialogue with parents, so please do get in contact if you need to communication with me or other members of the Class 3 team. You can find the appropriate email addresses below.

We look forward to what the new school year brings!

Caitlynn Downer

class3@milvertonprimary.co.uk for teaching and learning enquiries

office@milvertonprimary.co.uk for everything else!

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