Welcome to Class 2

I have taught in a range of primary schools in Devon and Somerset for many years, across all year groups and subjects of the curriculum, but I especially love teaching in Key Stage 1. Seeing children grow into the oldest of the key stage and positive role models for their peers is very encouraging, seeing them taking on new challenges. My passion is Maths and I look forward to opportunities to embed mathematical knowledge and skills in my students whether they notice or not! 

My two children keep me busy outside of school and you may bump into me at the sports centre when they have their clubs.;

We are fortunate to have Miss Mansfield every day, Miss Yeats every morning and Mrs Cutler on a Tuesday afternoon.

Ms Brooke

class2@milvertonprimary.co.uk for all teaching and learning enquiries

office@milvertonprimary.co.uk for everything else!

Class 2 Documents

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