We Care. We Aspire. We Belong.


  • ​​​We aim to provide a positive nurturing environment in which each individual is valued and where everyone can work and play happily together.
  • We aim to motivate and challenge each pupil creatively and academically to take full advantage of the education we provide, whilst recognising differences in personal needs, experiences, talents and potential.
  • We aim to develop sensitivity and awareness, encouraging everyone to treat each other and their environment with respect at all times. We are proud our school is recognised as an Eco School.
  • We aim to ensure that our children have a sense of pride in themselves, the school and the community they live in. We teach our pupils to develop a sense of personal responsibility for their actions and talents, to do their best and be proud of what they achieve both personally and collectively.


Together, we are building a community of creative successful life long learners. We challenge ourselves to achieve whilst sustaining spiritual, moral, emotional and economic well being.

The world is our classroom!