23 October 2018



On Thursday 18th October 2018, Reception Class went to Ferne Animal Sanctuary. We had a fantastic day using all of our senses to find out what it would be like to be different animals. Whilst blindfolded, we used our hands as beaks, like ducks, to look for food and found out about the dangers to animals from plastic in their environment. Next, we used mirrors to help us look up at the sky and all around like a mouse! They have to use sight to keep them safe from predators like birds, but also to help them look for food. After this, we found out about dragonflies and how they move. Did you know, they flap their wings 300 times every 10 seconds! We only managed 20 times in 30 seconds! We then used little pretend chicken feet to dig in the mud to try to find worms. Finally, we used our sense of smell to find out about pigs. They will eat anything! After our lunch we played on the climbing frame before getting to meet rabbits, guinea-pigs, horses, cats, chipmunks and sheep. The children had a wonderful time and they behaved impeccably! Thank you to the parents who accompanied us on this trip.      Mrs Lewis