8 October 2018

Throughout last week, the classes visited Paignton Zoo. First, we took a look at the Flamingos and Pygmy Marmosets. Next, we divided into groups at the Education Centre and set off to see all kinds of magnificent creatures. After we had our lunch, we met a member of staff who taught us about adaptation and Evolution. After about another hour of looking at and researching animals, we said goodbye to all the lovely creatures of Paignton Zoo and left on the coach.  by Toby and Georgina, Class 6

On Tuesday, Class 3 7 4 went to Paignton Zoo. We saw an elephant and it was huge! We went to see the fierce lions and we learnt that the reason a male lion has a mane is to protect his face when he is fighting. The camels we saw had come from South Asia and the camels' lumps has lots and lots of fat in them because their natural habitat is in hot deserts. My favourite bit was when the monkeys catapulted on to the window!  by Tabitha, Year 4

My group ran up the hill to see the crocodile swamp. It was so hot in there, even Miss Brown's glasses steamed up so she couldn't see! We went to see the giant tortoises and learnt that the oldest tortoise was 152 years old!! Class 4 took part in a workshop and learnt about some animals that don't have bones. If we didn't have bones, we would be a big blob! My favourite part of the day was watching the giraffes eat their food.  by Betsy, Year 4

Paignton Zoo trips 2018