27 February 2018


On Thursday 22nd February, Class 3 and 4 went on a two hour coach journey to visit the Roman Baths in Bath. When we arrived, a man gave us each an audio-phone. You had to type numbers that were on signs into the phone and press play. The phone played us little videos that were really interesting. Next, we went to see some bath water. It smelt disgusting! It was orange because it had iron in it. We went outside to see the great bath, where we met a Roman master and slave! The slave forced us to put on olive oil mixed with sweat on our hands and the master showed us some dice made from animal bone! After lunch, we took part in a workshop and looked at relicas and artefacts, A replica is a model of an ancient object. The artefacts were objects that were 2,000 years old from when the Romans were here.                                 by Tilly, Class 4