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Toasties & Morning Club

Milverton School – Morning Club

Our morning club runs from 08.20h – 08.45h.  The club has been set up to help busy working parents by providing a safe and secure environment before school starts.  The children are supervised in the library during this time.  They can choose from a variety of quiet activities e.g. reading, writing and drawing, board games and use of the computers.  It is an opportunity for the children to chat and socialise with their friends before the start of school.

The cost of the morning club is £1.00 per session payable in advance.  Booking forms are available from the office.  If you would like any further information, please contact the school office (01823-400439).

Milverton Community Primary School

Phone: 01823 400439

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Toasties is a well organized and enjoyable after school club for children aged 4 - 11 years. We run two sessions that run in conjunction with MASSC clubs at Milverton Primary School from Monday to Friday. Our sessions run during standard school term times and cater for a wide range of needs for both parents and their children. Some of our children attend due to the working hours of their parents whilst others attend simply as an environment where they can play with their friends and partake in pre planned activities, projects and games. We at Toasties like to think that we provide a setting in which your children will be able to relax and play after a structured day at school.

At the club we cater for varied age groups and provide age appropriate activities for the childrens mental and physical stimulation. They choose their own activities and these may include - Cookery, arts and crafts, sewing, play station, music, board games, construction activities, reading, audio stories, videos, shop and office play setting, pool table, football table, outdoor play area, basketball, swing ball, scooters and many many more !

Children are provided with snacks and drinks during the sessions. We consult our 'young clients' to find out what they would like on a daily basis and offer a range of snacks such as - Fruit, vegetables and dips, crumpets and not forgetting TOAST with a variety of toppings. (Dietary needs are catered for as and when required.)

All staff at the Toasties after school club are CRB (criminal record bureau) checked and cleared before they can have any involvement with the club. Regular training is undertaken by our staff to ensure that they are kept up to date with current training standards and legislations. At all times during the play sessions a qualified first aider is present to ensure the safety of the children. Before your child starts with the club a full data and fact sheet of your childs details will need to be compiled. This enables us to follow any of your childs special needs or dietary requirements and also furnishes us with specific contact names and numbers. Likewise, all parents are given a full contact list of names and numbers should the need arise to contact us in an emergency situation.

The Toasties after school club is run within the OFSTED and National standards guidelines. This means that regular visits from OFSTED are undertaken to ensure that we are complying with the required standards, which cover - Persons within the club, the organization, the environment in which your child is to be looked after, health and safety within the after school club and the equipment used within it, food and drink, snacks, documentation requirements and behavioural procedures. Basically, everything that is required for us to look after and run the after school club safely and effectively for your child / children.

Fees are currently running at £4.00 per individual session of 1hr 15mins but this will be verified on your enquiry to the after school club.

If you require further information on TOASTIES, regarding joining or clarification of details about the after school club, please telephone the school. We can be contacted during club hours on 07800 718030. You are also very welcome to visit us whilst the club is in progress.


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TOASTIES - Who's Who

Lead Practitioner

John Walker

Play work Assistant:

Julie Brown

Finance/Admin Staff:

Julie Walker

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The clubs are run after school on Monday to Friday from 3.15 pm to 4.30p